Stay tuned with your shipment status by tracking and tracing your container status. With just a B/L number or the container number - know the various movements of your consignment - simple and straight forward.

Wanna know the Tare weight or Unladen Weight or Weight of an Empty Container to accurately calculate the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) to ensure a shipment is legal on sea, roads and bridges. Simply input your container number.

Focusing on Sailing schedules is crucial to your business. Our shipping schedule-by-line functionality contains information on individual shipping line services currently in route, as well as details of upcoming services.

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Star Shipping Agencies (S) Pte Ltd is a major player in the Intra Asia and Africa Trade. Our biggest volume container trade, its intensive growth pace and dynamic market condition allows us to be a growing player to serve customers’ with value proposition. The combination of strong

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Our Liner Principals


Set itself apart as an independent carrier with a fresh, unique approach, ZIM - a global niche carrier offering distinctive advantages to customers with smart and efficient network.


Gold Star Line providing services within Intra Asia and Africa network with excellent coverage, and develop strong relationship with our ever expanding customer.


A container shipping company focused on containerized cargo transportation, reefer and out of gauge cargo services in South-East Asia and Middle Eastern regions.

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